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Warm, bronzy, and chic

Dive into the ‘latte makeup’ trend sweeping TikTok.

AFP – Experience warm, subtly bronzed, glamorous, and, most importantly, effortless makeup with ‘latte makeup’, TikTok’s latest sensation in the beauty world.

The name latte makeup conjures images of the warm, creamy beverage, with its radiant, amber-like, and almost caramelized glow, capturing the spotlight on the Chinese social network.

Remarkably, this makeup trend has already garnered close to 40 million views.

TikTok users appear to have transformed their kitchens into an unexpected wellspring of makeup inspiration.

After the ‘vanilla girl’ and the ‘tomato girl’, make way for ‘latte makeup’, the delicious summer beauty aesthetic that’s already taking the Chinese social network by storm.

And with good reason, because whether you’re going on vacation or not, it promises effortless beauty and, above all, a subtly tanned, back-from-the-beach complexion.

The inspiration has already scored almost 40 million views on TikTok, reflecting user interest in the sun-kissed look this summer season.

Like many beauty inspirations, latte makeup is already spreading like wildfire to other parts of the face and body, starting with eyes and nails.

‘Warm, bronzy, milky and effortless’

Hundreds, if not thousands, of TikTok users have already jumped on the trend, but it’s a user by the name of Rachel Rigler who brought latte makeup into the limelight.

In a video that scored more than two million views in just two weeks, the young woman shares photos of several models in the background of her clip.

She then explained, “We’re going to call this ‘latte makeup’. It’s warm, bronzy, milky and effortless.”

And while the definition of “milky” might be debatable, as it could seem totally opposed to the idea of “warm” and “bronzed” skin, there’s no denying that the name of this trend corresponds perfectly to the tanned, creamy complexion and glamourous, effortless makeup seen in the background.

Makeup artist Tanielle Jai was quick to respond to the video, claiming to be at the origin of these “latte looks” or “bronze goddess” looks, confirming the original inspiration.

And she reveals her secrets for recreating the beauty look with warm, almost caramelised tones and a sun-kissed effect.

If there’s one thing that users of the Chinese social network should remember, it’s to choose products based on yellow shades, rather than those with red undertones, in order to get the warm, caramelised effect.

The makeup professional starts by applying a tinted radiance booster all over the face, then uses a bronzer to contour and on the eyelids and under the lower lashes.

She then finishes with concealer.

These are essential steps in achieving a warm, bronzed complexion, and form the basis of the latte makeup look.

The makeup artist then defines the eyes with a pencil – for eyes or lips, as desired – in brown tones, followed by caramel-coloured eyeshadow, before completing the look with a light touch of mascara, bronze lipstick and powder to set.

The expert advises never to use black eyeliner for this makeup look, reminding us that only brown, bronze and caramel shades, and their variants, are suitable for latte makeup.

All that’s left to do is grab your products and your brushes and try to recreate this lip-smacking look.