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Wife of Death Row Detainee Expresses Concern over Her Husband's Fate

Bahrain Mirror: Zainab Ibrahim, wife of death row political detainee Mohammad Ramadan, expressed concern over the unknown fate of her husband after no news were reported about him for 6 days, when he and a number of other political prisoners sentenced to death were beaten by guards of Jaw Central Prison.

Zainab said, in a tweet on Friday, May 19, 2023: "I cannot express the state of anxiety I am left with as I know nothing about my husband's fate, and hear about the physical assault he was subjected to by the police, and that he was transferred to an unknown destination."

"The issued (official) statements are useless," she said, demanding revealing his fate.

Commenting on the tweet posted by wife of political detainee Ramadan, the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights said that 6 days have passed and the details about the fate of the detainees are still unknown "in a country whose diplomats don't stop talking about fake technical human rights advancement."

"Security authorities fabricate charges against victims of torture and ill-treatment to issue long-term arbitrary sentences or death penalty against them," the forum added.

BFHR called on the regime to release Bahrain's prisoners, including those sentenced to death. 

Jaw Prison guards attacked on Sunday (May 14, 2023) political prisoners who are sentenced to death, injuring a number of them.

Families of political prisoners who are sentenced to death have expressed their deep concern over the fate of their children and losing contact with them since May 15, 2023.

The families added, "We do not know the seriousness of the injuries, and we have heard that (political prisoners) Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Marzouq were taken to an unknown destination outside the building."

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