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Sayed Al-Ghuraifi Responds to Sheikh Adnan Al-Qattan: We Don't Worship Graves

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi responded to Sheikh Adnan Al-Qattan's accusation to the Shiites in his sermon at the "Al-Fateh Mosque" as "people of falsehood", saying: Shiites "do not worship graves" but "stand at the tomb of Imam Al-Hussein, inspired by the history of the crests of faith, values, jihad, generosity, will and steadfastness", denouncing "speeches of hate and intimidation" in local newspapers. He further questioned "the position of the writers of such speeches and the words emanating from prominent religious sites that offend a large community."

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi said in his sermon on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Al-Gofoul: "We do not worship graves, they [i.e. Ahlulbayt] are makers of history, love and unity; they are makers of tolerance, they are the people of the House of Prophethood;  they are the paths of guidance and landmarks of religion."

He pointed out that "standing at the tomb of Imam Al-Hussein creates the determination of heroes, steadfast will and glory. Standing at the tomb of Imam Al-Hussein terrifies supporters of injustice and oppressors, and challenges all the tampering, corruption and corrupters, as well as indiscretion and recklessness."

"This is how Hussein is present in all our thoughts, emotions, morals, behaviors and attitudes," he added.

He went on to say that: "Hussein teaches us to fight all forms of polytheism, aberrance, and temptation. Hussein teaches us to reject tampering, violence, extremism and terrorism. Does this make us grave worshippers?"

He noted: "The word has destructive effects when it is said."

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi pointed out that it has been two weeks and local newspapers have been crowded with words of condemnation of hate speech and aggravation, saying: "We do not stand with hate speech and aggravation, and we have denounced and continue to denounce this type of speech."

"Where are those writers' stands against these speeches that are being delivered by prominent religious leaders that offend a large sect that has its weight and presence in this country?"

Al-Ghuraifi stressed: "We will remain faithful to the unity of this country. We will remain faithful to the stability of this country. We will remain faithful to the dignity of this country, and we will remain faithful to the values of this homeland, the religion of this homeland, the history of this homeland, and all the good of this homeland."

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