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Taliban Supreme Leader Orders Release of 2,178 Prisoners For Eid-Al Adha

According to a statement from the Supreme Court, 2,178 prisoners have been freed ahead of Eid al Adha based on the decree of the Taliban Supreme leader.

The statement also said that at least 489 other prisoners were given reduced sentences for Eid.

Meanwhile, at least 118 prisoners were freed from the provincial prisons on Monday, according to Helmand province’s deputy head of information and culture.

According to the report, some inmates have completed their prison terms while others were punished by whipping.

However, some rights and education activists, such as Matihullah Wesa, are still prisoned.

On March 27, 2023, Matiullah Wesa was unlawfully detained by the Taliban’s General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) as he left the mosque after evening prayers. The day after his detention, the GDI raided his home and seized his laptop and mobile device.

The Taliban spokesperson announced his detention on March 29 and charged him with criminal activity. There is no way to protest the legitimacy of his detention, and his family is not permitted to visit him.

Despite the massive condemnation, the Taliban authorities have not released him, and even his family cannot meet Wesa.

Matihullah Wesa is still in prison.