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RRD Minister Meets Deputy Executive Director of WFP

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Mullah Mohammad Yunus Akhundzada, the acting minister for rural rehabilitation and development, and Carl Skau, the WFP’s deputy executive director, had a meeting in Kabul.

Mr Skau briefed the Acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development on the issues the WFP was facing and its plans.

The acting RRD Minister praised the World Food Program’s work providing humanitarian aid to Afghans and vowed to cooperate with the organizations in the future.

Following the imposition of sanctions by the international community and the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the country has experienced severe financial, humanitarian, and human rights difficulties.

Moreover, according to the UN Children’s Agency report, nearly 16 million children in Afghanistan need urgent humanitarian aid, and the organization warned of a “children’s crisis in the country.

“In a country with almost 16 million children in need of protection and humanitarian assistance, in a country in which way too many kids are burdened with responsibilities way beyond their age, in a country where the children’s rights are eroded every day, having a space like this offers the kids a respite, a safe and secure space where the kids can rest, can relax, can play and can make friends,” The UNICEF representative in Afghanistan, Fran Equiza.

He also said, “They do not have clean water to quench their thirst or blankets to sleep.”

 He also said that the condition of children in the country is disastrous, as some children are breadwinners for their families.

“Children as young as six are in dangerous conditions to help their parents put a little food on the table,” he added.

 “Too many live in fear of violence or early marriage. Too many are burdened by the weight of dual responsibility,” he said. “Too many people have forgotten that Afghanistan is a children’s crisis,” further said.

The organization reiterated that 2023 acute malnutrition will affect roughly 2.3 million children.

He urged the international community and assistance organizations to support Afghan children during this difficult time.