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Rights watchdog calls for world to take action in support of Afghan women

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2023)

Amnesty International has called on the international community to stand up against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and take practical measures to allow Afghan women and girls to return to work and get an education. 

The organization said despite warnings and the lack of political and economic interaction by the world with Afghanistan, Kabul has continued to limit work and education opportunities for women and girls.

However, the Islamic Emirate says efforts are underway to solve the problems in all fields and that the government has the responsibility to be accountable to the people within the framework of Islamic Sharia.

Meanwhile, the IEA has repeatedly emphasized it is committed to respecting the rights of all citizens, including women and girls, within the framework of Islamic Sharia.

According to IEA officials, they will make the decisions regarding women’s work and education and countries should not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

“Our best efforts are underway to make progress in all fields, meet the needs and to consider the people’s demands, and make the government accountable to the people within the framework of Islamic Sharia,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, IEA’s spokesman.

Since the return of the Islamic Emirate in August 2021, schools have been closed to girls above the sixth grade. In December the IEA barred girls from attending university. 

In addition to this, women and girls are prohibited from working at international organizations and institutions, but it is said that efforts are underway for women to return to work at foreign NGOs.