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Plans being worked on to allow women to return to work: IEA

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2023)

The political deputy prime minister, Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, said on Saturday at Kabul University during a religious and scientific seminar, that the Islamic Emirate is not willing to ever compromise on Islamic principles.

In his speech, Kabir said the Islamic Emirate seeks positive interaction with the world and good relations in an atmosphere of mutual respect. He added that the IEA “is never willing to compromise on Islamic principles and will not violate Islamic norms for the sake of the happiness of others.”

Kabir said that Islam in Afghanistan came as a result of many sacrifices and it will be protected with sacrifices. He added that the people of the country, university professors, students and scholars contributed to the jihad and sacrifices of the past twenty years, and the Islamic Emirate considers them partners in the jihad and the Islamic system.

He also said: “Protecting and strengthening the Islamic system is everyone’s joint duty and responsibility.”

The political deputy prime minister said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is trying to develop and strengthen all religious and modern sciences, considers all sciences necessary and looks at them with the same eye, but in these two decades, religion has not been a priority and that the gap in religious sciences is huge. He told the participants at the seminar: “It has been proven that those who had religious and contemporary education were able to serve the religion and the country well.”

He said the IEA wants doctors and engineers who, in addition to expertise, also have the basic and essential understanding of Islam.

Kabir said: “They should make their students understand that we are working to make Afghanistan shine in the political and economic fields along with the consolidation and strengthening of the Islamic system.”

Kabir added that the Islamic Emirate implements Islam in its true sense and does not tolerate any compromise, that is why it considers the education of Islamic culture and understanding to be an important necessity.