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Pakistan Hands Over 27 Prisoners to Afghan Authorities At Torkham

According to Afghan officials, 27 Afghan prisoners from Pakistani prisons were handed over to the Taliban authorities at the Torkham crossing border, Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the Afghan prisoners were imprisoned due to a lack of legal documents in different jails in Pakistan.

All the released Afghans were handed over to the Directorate of Transfer in Torkham. The statement also said that these prisoners were imprisoned for months and were mistreated in the jails by Pakistani officials.

Earlier, 60 Afghan prisoners were released from the Sindh Central Jail of Pakistan.

The General Consulate of Afghanistan in Karachi, Sindh province, said that another 60 prisoners were released due to the efforts of Afghan officials of the Embassy.

The Afghan General Consulate reported that 66 inmates, including eight children, had been freed from Karachi jails earlier. In the meantime, the Afghan Foreign Ministry’s efforts released 2,342 Afghan prisoners from several Pakistani prisons, who have since returned home.

Most Afghan nationals immigrate to the neighbouring countries, including Pakistan and Iran, for medical treatment, work, and to flee from prosecution or security threats by the current regime.

Some Afghan refugees lack legitimate travel documents, particularly those who travel for medical care or run from the de facto regime’s persecution. As a result, they are detained and arrested by Pakistani authorities.