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Madrasa Graduates Lack Potential to Work for Govt Institutions, Says PM Kabir

Taliban’s Acting Prime Minister Mawlavi Abdul Kabir on Wednesday said that religious school graduates do not have the potential to work for government institutions.

Prime Minister Kabir said, “Besides religious studies, modern sciences should also be added to the madrasa curriculum so that graduates could gain the required knowledge and work for government institutions as well.”

Mawlavi Kabir criticizes religious school graduates as the Taliban have predominantly appointed mullahs and religious clerks to key government posts including the governor of Afghanistan’s central bank, since their return to power.

According to the prime minister’s office, Mawlavi Kabir met with Sheikh Abdul Waheed Tariq, head of Taliban’s Jihadist Schools on Wednesday, during which Tariq discussed the construction of more Jihadist schools in Afghanistan.  

Referring to the Taliban regime’s special attention to establishing more religious schools, Kabir said, “Madrasas and religious schools are major requirements.”

Since the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021, the group has persistently built religious schools and madrassas throughout the country.

To expand religious schools, the ruling regime has converted several historical sites, schools and universities into Jihadist schools.

Previously, the Taliban group converted the Teacher Training Building of Samangan, Takhar Technical and Vocational Institute, Mitra TV building in Mazar Sharif City, Abdul Hai Habibi High School in Khost, Technical School in Kandahar, Babrak Khan Zadran High School in Gardiz City and many other buildings into Jihadi schools.