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Lailuma Sadid honored with Henry Le Fontaine ‘Humanism’ Award in Belgium

On Monday, an Afghan Woman, Ms. Lailuma Sadid, was honoured with the prestigious international Henry Le Fontaine “Humanism” award for defending human and women’s rights.

In a distinguished ceremony held at the City Hall of Brussels, Ms Lailuma Sadid was honored with the prestigious international Henry Le Fontaine “Humanism” award for her exceptional efforts in championing human rights and women’s rights.

The event was graced by the presence of numerous political figures, members of parliament, and representatives from a wide spectrum of political parties, signifying the significance of her contributions to these vital causes.

As she wrote to her social media platform X, “The prestigious international Henry Le Fontaine “Humanism” award for defending human rights and women’s rights in Belgium was presented to Ms.  Lailuma Sadid  in the City Hall of Brussels in the presence of dozens of political figures, members of parliament, and representatives of various parties.”

Lailuma Sadid’s receipt of the Henry Le Fontaine “Humanism” award is a testament to her remarkable dedication and impact on human rights and women’s rights advocacy within Belgium.

جایزه معتبر بین المللی هانری له فانتین "انسان گرایی" برای دفاع از حقوق بشر و زنان بلژیک برای من لیلما سدید در شهرداری شهر بروکسل در حضور داشت دها تن چهره‌های سیاسی و نمایندگان مجلس و احزاب مختلف اعطا شد.

— Lailuma Sadid (@Lailuma9) September 24, 2023

Lailuma Sadid, a former diplomat at the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Embassy in Belgium, was pivotal in managing NATO affairs. Her expertise in NATO matters was honed through attendance at NATO Training courses and as a speaker at various events held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, and Azerbaijan.

Before her diplomatic role, Sadid also made significant contributions as a Political Reporter for Pajhwok News Agency, where she covered notable events such as the London Conference in 2006 and the Lisbon Summit in 2010, showcasing her commitment to international diplomacy and journalism.

Henri La Fontaine, a prominent 20th-century pacifist born in Brussels, was the first socialist to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He began as a lawyer, advocating for women’s rights, equality, and universal suffrage. An authority in international law, he taught for nearly five decades, founded international cooperation organizations, and ventured into politics, serving in the Belgian Senate.

La Fontaine’s enduring legacy lies in his dedication to international peace, notably as President of the International Peace Bureau for 36 years, and his advocacy for an international court of justice, though he didn’t witness its establishment.