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Earthquake victims in Herat complain of slow aid delivery

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2023)

Devastated by the recent earthquakes in Herat province, some families have complained that aid is being delivered slowly and distributed unfairly.

Thousands of earthquake victims are living in tents, with limited heating, despite fast dropping temperatures.

Noor Ahmed, a man who lost 10 members of his family in Zinda Jan district, said he was so grief-stricken he wishes he had also died.

“We are drowning. We do not understand what we are doing or what we need. I lost 10 family members. I cannot say what I need. I am so sad and distressed that I wish I had died too,” he said.

Eid Mohammad, another victim, said: “We don’t have fuel at all. We need gas etc. Flour and rice that is distributed can not be eaten raw. There should be gas for us to use.”

Aid delivery has slowed recently compared to the early days. The affected families need tents, warm clothes, food and cooking resources.

“We feel very cold. We are four families in one tent. It is very small. We have nothing. We shiver from the cold from night till morning,” Jamila, a victim, said.

“Aid including food has been delivered to us. They distributed tents. We need water,” Lal Mohammad, another victim, said.

Most of the items distributed so far have been winter clothes, food including rice and cooking oil and tents.

“Thank God the problems have been solved to a large extent. The tents have been delivered. Relief materials have arrived for the people. Those who donate cash, we will deliver to the areas that need it,” Abdulsalam Hijrat, an aid distributor, said.