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Defense Ministry repairs over 2,000 damaged military vehicles

The technical team of the Afghan Ministry of National Defense has repaired over 2,000 damaged military vehicles and light and heavy weaponry, according to a statement issued by the Ministry on Tuesday.

Following the efforts of the 209th Army Corps of Al-Fath in Balkh province, which had been damaged during the withdrawal of foreign soldiers two years ago, these vehicles and weaponry had been repaired.

In addition to 475 different types of light and heavy weapons, the repaired vehicles returned to service included 1,919 Ranger pickups, 186 Humvees, 71 foreign trucks, 17 tankers, and other vehicles.

According to the Army Corps spokesperson, these vehicles would be given to the defence brigades to protect the country’s territorial integrity.

“We repaired and reactivated about 2,432 different vehicles with the few facilities and personnel we have,” The 209th Army Corps of Al-Fath’s technical manager, Abdulaziz Kalimullah, said.

“There is no war in Afghanistan now, but due to the needs of different brigades, a number of these vehicles are distributed to defend the territorial integrity of the country, and the rest of these vehicles, which are our national capital, will be protected and maintained,” Sediqullah Nusrat, a spokesman for the 209th Army Corps of Al-Fath, said.

The 209 Al-Fath Army Corps officials said these restored vehicles have been kept and are now ready for operation.