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Congo fever claims another life, this time in Takhar province

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2023)

Turkmen female doctors have provided health services to more than 700 patients in Afghanistan’s Herat province in less than two weeks, health officials said, adding that they arrived nine days ago in the province.

These doctors have treated 473 pregnant women and provided health services to 276 children in the health center of Torghundi town in past nine days, among them 12 children were also born, according to officials.

Turkmenistan has built a 20-bed maternity hospital in Torghundi town, which provides all facilities, health services and medicine in a sustainable way.

Officials of the Consulate of Turkmenistan in Herat meanwhile said that this health center currently provides health services to the people of four districts.

“Today, we are very pleased that this clinic is not only for the people of Torghundi town, but also provides health services for the people of neighboring districts and villages such as Kushki Kuhna, Gulran and the center of Kushk district, Rabat Sangi and areas close to Torghundi,” said Turkmen Counsel General Quch Muradov for Herat.

The building of this health center in Torghundi town was built with humanitarian aid from Turkmenistan, but the specialist doctors of this country sometimes come in order to advise Afghan doctors and provide health services to this health center. Earlier, the government of Turkmenistan donated a package of needed medicines to the center.

“Patients from four districts are treated here, after this building was built and the facilities were provided, the deaths child and maternal mortality have been prevented,” said Mawlavi Mohammad Nabi, head of health council of Torghundi town.

Turkmenistan built this health center for the treatment of female patients nine years ago, but recently it has restored all its departments. The residents of Herat say the humanitarian assistance of the Turkmen government has been effective for the Afghans.

“Based on the request of the authorities, the building of this health center once again has been completely restored, and spices and medical supplies have been sent to this center recently, and its doors and windows, which were destroyed, have also been repaired,” said Amanullah Haqyar, head of Turkmen Islamic Solidarity Council for Western Zone.

Torghundi town is more than 100 kilometers away from the center of Herat city, this health center has been able to solve the health problems of the people of Kushk Rabat Sangi district and its neighboring districts to some extent.