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Conflicting Parties in Sudan Agree On Two-Day Ceasefire

According to Sky News Arabia, the opposing sides in the continuing conflict in Sudan have agreed on a two-day ceasefire that will begin on Sunday.

According to military officials cited by the news network, the Sudanese army and the country’s special task forces have agreed “to observe the regime of the ceasefire on Sunday and Monday due to humanitarian issues.”

Conflicts between the head of the army, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who also serves as the chairman of the ruling Sovereignty Council, and the commander of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (also known as Hemedti), caused the situation in Sudan to worsen.

The main areas of disagreement between the two military groups concern the timing and procedures for the unification of Sudan’s armed forces as well as who should be named as commander-in-chief of the army: a career military officer, as al-Burhan prefers, or an elected civilian president, as Dagalo insists. On April 15, fighting broke out between the two military establishments close to military bases in Merowe and Khartoum.

According to several media reports, as of June 9, there had been more than 2,000 fatalities and more than 5,100 injuries. Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacks on official targets marked the start of the conflict. There have been reports of airstrikes, artillery, and gunfire all around Sudan, especially in Khartoum.