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Charity Foundation Organizes Mass Wedding for 101 Couples in Kabul

Shuhada Charity Foundation announced it has organized the third round of mass wedding for 101 couples in Kabul, aimed at reducing wedding costs during these challenging economic times.

The mass wedding party was organized on Friday, July 8, at the Aryana Kabul Hotel in the capital city of Kabul according to the charity foundation.

The organizers of the ceremony stated the mass wedding was aimed at reducing the overwhelmingly high costs of weddings, getting rid of unwanted customs and replacing them with mass wedding among the young generation.

While expressing their gratitude, participants at the event emphasized that ordinary citizens should accept mass wedding as “national culture”, allowing the young generation to organize their wedding parties at much lower costs.

Meanwhile, some families link the reasons for the delays in the wedding of their young people to bad culture and the huge costs.

Additionally, another charity foundation organized a mass wedding for at least 50 couples in western Herat province on Thursday, July 6. 

Previously also, mass wedding parties were organized in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan with the support of charity foundations.

This comes as increasing unemployment, hunger, high costs and unwanted customs have caused serious challenges for young couples in the war-torn country to get married.