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Balkh farmers report poor grape harvests this year

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2023)

Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry Nooruddin Azizi presented the ministry’s annual accountability report on Wednesday and said that exports totalled $2 billion.

According to Azizi, 80% of companies have been reactivated in the country. He said the IEA has come out in strong support of industries and has created many opportunities for industrialists in the country.

Azizi said that the profit tax was reduced from 4% and the subject tax was exempted from 7%.

Azizi also said the programs launched by the ministry have focused on proposals for plans and on promoting the use of domestic products.

“Comprehensive and correct decisions to support the industry in the Tariff Committee, that our Tariff Committee is complementary to the industry-oriented one, will support Afghanistan’s industry. In the past, importance was given to imports, but today, Afghanistan’s industry is given a lot of importance,” said Azizi.

He also announced the creation of a ports committee to prevent smuggling, capital flight and smuggling of dollars and says that the committee will be established this year. According to Azizi, the problems around electricity supply in Kandahar and Helmand have been addressed and factories now have power 24 hours a day.

“Keeping in mind the economic policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, this ministry in the trade sector also has many appropriate programs in order to increase exports, increase transit, regulate the market, improve the trade balance, hold exhibitions and launching active commercial diplomacy has adapted to the regional level,” added Azizi.

Azizi says that 50 large companies have recently been established in the country. According to him, the ministry plans to create export zones in five provinces of the country this year.

Azizi also said that the ministry distributed 6,263 business licenses in the past year, of which 1,000 licenses went to women.