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Authorities destroy 100 tons of expired, low-quality food items in Kabul

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2023)

The Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Bilal Karimi describes the continuation of sanctions on the travel of the Islamic Emirate’s senior officials by the international community as “cruel and unjust”.

Karimi called the sanctions of the international community on the caretaker government unjustified and emphasized that the continuation of pressure and sanctions will increase the distance between Afghanistan and the world.

He said that if the world wants to interact with the IEA, it should end all sanctions.

“This [continuation of sanctions] is an issue that perpetuates the gaps, and it is clear that it is not in the interest of any side if the gaps carry on continuously,” said Karimi.

“We can solve problems when we have communication, dialogue, and exchange of ideas,” he stressed.

After the end of the travel exemption for the senior officials of IEA, the UN Security Council held several meetings to decide on whether to extend travel ban exemptions. But members of UNSC did not reach an agreement on the matter, and so far the travel restrictions have remained in place.

Since the IEA’s takeover in August 2021, the international community has always declared the formation of an inclusive government, the provision of human rights and the removal of terrorist threats from Afghanistan as its basic conditions for the recognition of IEA and the end of sanctions against the new government.

The Islamic Emirate meanwhile emphasizes it has met all the conditions for recognition.