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Almost 1 million square meters of Afghan carpets exported in past year

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2023)

The carpet manufacturers’ union says the carpet weaving industry has been doing well and in the past year almost one million square meters of carpets has been exported.

Union officials said they expect business to increase in the coming year.

The carpet industry is one of the oldest industries in Afghanistan, and is the financial backbone of thousands of families around the country.

“This number is more than in 1401 (solar year) and will increase because the statistics show us the same, and if I put it in percentage terms, we can export up to 15 percent,” said Mohammad Reza Heydari, the head of the Carpet Manufacturers Union.

Some carpet sellers want the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to market Afghan carpets both inside and outside the country.

“We want the Islamic Emirate to provide better conditions for export. Currently, our exports are low,” said Abdul Wali Sakhizada, a carpet seller.

“We represent Afghanistan and show Afghan products to the world because they are excellent in terms of quality and condition,” said Azizullah, another carpet seller.

At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry says that they have many plans to support carpet production and some of these plans have been implemented.

“Our exports have been very good, and large exhibitions are still going to be held in Turkey, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates, in all three of these countries, fortunately, our carpet sector will play an active role,” said Abdul Salam Jawad Akhundzada, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

A number of economic experts say that when the government increases investment in carpet production, both job opportunities will be provided and the national income of the country will be strengthened.