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Afghanistan’s Central Bank To Auction $14 Million Tomorrow

Afghanistan’s Central Bank said on Tuesday that it will auction 14 Million US Dollars by Wednesday.

The Bank said in a statement on Tuesday that Afghanistan’s Central Bank, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), will sell $14 million by Wednesday to stabilize the national currency Afghani exchange rate.

The bank also stated that partial settlement of transactions is not permitted and that the auction winners must make a single, timely cash delivery of all amounts owed to Da Afghanistan Bank.

Today, Tuesday, the official exchange rate for one US dollar was revealed to be 86 Afghanis.

During the past month, Afghanistan’s central bank injected millions of US dollars into the country’s currency market to stop the Afghani from depreciating against other currencies.

Over the past 20 months, Afghanistan has received more than 2 billion dollars in cash as part of the humanitarian assistance provided by the international community to save the country’s economy from collapsing.