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$27 million worth of historical artifacts prevented from smuggling in Bamyan

he Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan has announced the prevention of the smuggling of historical artifacts worth 27 million dollars, including two mummified bodies, in Bamyan province, central Afghanistan.

The ministry said on Saturday in a statement that these ancient artifacts have been delivered to the National Museum.

According to the statement, the seized items include two mummified bodies, a golden crown, two swords, and a 17-page gilded book, all of which are ancient relics obtained by smugglers.

Officials from this ministry have stated that smugglers intended to transport these artifacts out of the country.

Further details regarding the identity of the smugglers and the destination country have not been disclosed.

The press release mentions that three individuals have been detained in this case.

This comes as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) had previously announced workshops to combat the illegal trafficking of cultural artifacts in Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Concerns about smuggling and selling historical artifacts from Afghanistan have also been expressed.